John Tamny, Forbes Editor & Author of Popular Economics

Popular Economics is an essential 21st century complement to Henry Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson.  In a book that is happily free of charts and incomprehensible equations, John Tamny uses exciting stories from the world around us to show the reader that nothing is easier than economic growth.  Popular Economics is the answer for those confused by the “dismal science.” – Arthur Laffer

“John’s book is many things.  It’s a great way to learn economics, it’s a very strong case for economic liberty, and it is an epic myth-buster.  I will be giving it out to friends, of all viewpoints, for a long long time.”- Cliff Asness, Managing Principal, AQR Capital

“Ignore John Tamny’s easy to read, Popular Economics, at your own moral peril.  It’s as close to spiritual as you get in this realm–a better tutorial than any econ text. I’d make it mandatory for the 95% of econ majors–right up through PhDs–who never really got the basics.  While making you edgy toward the endless societal consensus nonsense it cuts through like a guillotine—it also frees you to see the true creative beauty of reality all around us.” – Ken Fisher, Founder & CEO, Fisher Investments


John Tamny has been a popular speaker around the U.S. and around the world for several years. He’s spoken everywhere from New York to Los Angeles, and Sydney to Shanghai. Tamny is also willing to develop new speeches depending on audience interest.