John Tamny uses entertaining stories from sports, movies, popular culture, and famous businesses to explain the basic principles of economics. His upcoming release is an everyman’s guide to how money really works—a lesson politicians try (and fail) to grasp every day.  You may preorder Tamny’s upcoming book, available April 2015 on

“In a revelatory analysis of the so-called ‘financial crisis,’ John Tamny makes the unexpected case that the actual crisis was the huge banking blunder of betting the investment capital of the U.S. economy on housing, a retrospective consumption good already grossly in over supply. Confirming the blunder, government under both Bush and Obama bailed out the banks and debauched the dollar, devaluing the entire entrepreneurial economy of the future. Rare is a book so contrary, so pithy, and so true.” – George Gilder, author of Knowledge & Power.

John Tammy offers a wide ranging analysis of some of the most pressing issues facing the American economy today, from income inequality and job creation to budget deficits and tax reform.   Through engaging examples and stories, he provides a thought-provoking argument in favor of a free market approach to economic growth.   Whether you agree with him or not, there is no question that his perspective needs to be part of the discussion on American economy policy in the new millennium. – Enrico Moretti, Professor of Economics, Cal-Berkeley, author of The New Geography of Jobs