Tamny is one of the main panelists each Saturday on the Fox News Channel’s Forbes on Fox, and then has appeared on other networks including CNN, CNBC, the Comedy Channel, and the Fox Business Network.  He is a retained speaker at the CFA Institute, the Federalist Society, and moderates and speaks at investor conferences on a regular basis.

Tamny is willing to develop new speeches depending on audience interest.  Below is a sampling of some of the talks he’s given:

  1. Why Washington and Wall Street Are Better Off Living Apart.
  2. Government Barriers to Economic Growth: How Government Error Gave Us the Great Depression, the Financial Crisis, and the Great Recession.
  3. California’s Best Days Are Ahead of It: The Monetary Error That Is Crushing California, and Falsely Lifting Texas.
  4. Irrational Exuberance Is Not Inflationary: How the Fed’s Fealty to False Measures of Inflation Deprives the Economy of Growth.
  5. Do We Really Need the Federal Reserve? Addressing the Pros and Cons of ‘End the Fed’

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